Stop Paying for Old Crimes

Farmers are excused 655-year-old debt

A court has wiped out an annual debt that farmers have had to pay the Catholic Church to atone for a crime 655 years ago. The payments had been a tradition since 1357 as compensation for a man’s murder. But farmers no longer have to pay 70 Swiss francs each year, a court ruled.

That’s what I read in the i this morning. How insane is it that those farmers were still paying for something that happened 655 years ago?

This post is in no way an attack on the Catholic Church, in fact, it’s more of a metaphor for life.

Don’t keep paying for something that happened a long time ago, and don’t make people pay for it. 

When something happens in life, it is not right to punish someone for an excessive amount of time. Buddha famously said; “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I believe we should all keep that in mind.

Of course, some things in life are completely unforgivable, but in those instances we should allow the ones who have done wrong to leave our lives, taking the wrong they have done with them. In doing so, you will no longer be weighted down by the wrongs of others. 

So, learn from the mistakes of those before you, and don’t hall onto the crimes of the past. Allow people to form their own atonement, and in doing so, find inner peace. 


My First Semester at University.

Going to university is meant to be this big adventure. You’re meant to break out of the cliques you had in school and finally find the people who are more “you”.

I came from a small town with only a couple of schools. This meant that you couldn’t head out the house without seeing people you know, people who you’d seen everyday for your whole life. Other small town people, with small town ideals.

It was seen as a massive deal that I went to university, most people my age at home are pregnant and living with either their parents, or the boyfriend they had since they were fifteen.

I couldn’t wait to get out in the big, bad world and meet like-minded people. The people who were deep-thinkers, and big dreamers. The people my parents had always promised I would meet. Unfortunately, I never found those people. What I found was a bunch of people obsessed with getting wasted.

Life seemed pretty lonely after that. There isn’t a lot of fun in living with people who spend all the time talking about getting black-out drunk, or the next time they’re going to take an unknown substance they found on the floor, for the “banter”.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good time, but it gets old real fast. Eventually though, it got better. I met some nice people, people who aren’t like me, but that are still wonderful in their own way.

So while things didn’t turn out as I’d expected, and there was a quite lonely period at the beginning, I feel like I’m getting there. Maybe when people say that you’ll meet better people at university, they don’t mean communists or hippies, or people that are mirrors of ourselves. Maybe they just mean that we find the people that will help us figure out who it is “you” are meant to become.

Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding

Available on Amazon

Okay, so this is book 1 out of 30. Not bad for a week into the year.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is the perfect book to start the year. Following 30-something year old, London residing, Bridget Jones on her way through the year. The book starts by detailing her New Year’s Resolutions, including “form a functional relationship with a responsible adult”, and “go to gym three times a week, not merely to buy a sandwich”.  It then follows Bridget’s journey month-by-month throughout the year.

Available on Amazon

Most of you will have seen the film staring Rene Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. This was one of my favourite “chick-flicks” of all time, so I was very excited about the book. The book (not surprisingly) is better than the film, and has a much deeper sense of wit and humour about it, which the film on touches upon.

Altogether, I found this book to be funny, yet without trying too hard. It was a very easy read, and I would recommend to any fans of the film, or any girl in their very late-teens to mid-thirties. It isn’t a piece of literary genius, and it won’t be seen as a classic the same way Jane Eyre is, but it is a very clever social commentary, and a nice piece of throw-away girly writing.

My Bucket List 2013

Inspired by the blog Bucket List Publications, I have compiled my own bucket list for 2013.

There is no skydiving or bungee jumping on this list, I’m not a major adrenaline junkie, but it is tailored to me. Some things I have done before, a lot I haven’t. Some will seem completely irrelevant to my readers, but all are relevant for me. 

The list:

1. Learn to play guitar.

2. Climb a tree.

3. Learn a martial art. 

4. Pass my first year at university.

5. Get a piece of writing published. 

6. Write a novel.

7. Go camping. 

8. Go on holiday. 

9. Move into my first house.

10. See a band live.

11. Get more piercings.

12. Be in a play or musical.

13. Be an extra in a film.

14. Volunteer somewhere. 

15. Go to a beach.

16. Do yoga and meditation. 

17. Go to the zoo. 

18. Read 30 books (at least).

19. Have an amazing night out, once a month. 

20. Have an amazing 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend. 

New year, new… Glee?

Sorry fellow bloggers, I’ve been away on winter break so neglecting my blog. 

Spending the holidays with my family has been lovely, still one more week before I head back to the grind of university. 

I do have a post in the works all about my goals for this year, but it’s still not ready yet, these things take time you know. So, I thought I’d do a little review for you all. 

Glee – Season 4 episode 1 – The New Rachel

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I watched this show properly. Near the end it kinda fell apart, it got really boring and cringey.

Just as a summary – Last season ended with the New Directions winning nationals, Rachel and Finn calling off their wedding with Rachel leaving for NYC and Finn joining the army. Kurt was meant to go to New York with Rachel, but didn’t get into NYADA so has to attend community college. Santana went to college on a cheer scholarship, Britney repeated the year at McKinley and is still there along with Tina, Artie, Blaine, and Sam. Puck, Mercedes and Mike Chang also left for various colleges and life dreams. I wondered where they would take the show after everyone left at the end of last season. 

However, this season has started on a high for me. Kate Hudson’s performance as a bitter dance teacher at NYADA is amazing. Whoopie Goldberg also reprises her role from last season. The New York storyline with Rachel is really interesting as well, not that I don’t enjoy the Glee club, but like I said, boring. There is also a new guy in Rachel’s life that everyone should watch out for, Rachel claims she still loves Finn, but they haven’t spoken in months and this guy is Hot!

The episode is split. Half follows Rachel in New York, the other half follows McKinley High’s Glee club back in Lima. The Glee club spend the whole episode arguing over who will be the next “Rachel” and there are new members to look forward to, including the sweet as honey Marley. 

In total, I have watched this episode three times today. I’ve loved it, and hope it will push Glee back on the right track after the downhill spiral it’s been on recently.

My First Semester (In Pictures)

So that’s it. December 12th, a.k.a. deadline day. I have finished my first semester of university. It’s been a long 13 weeks, some up, many down. But I’ve made it.

To commemorate the passing, and because I like pictures, here’s a little look back at everything.


So that’s it, my first semester finished. Why don’t you link me a post about your first semester? What were your highlights? Low points? Get in touch and let me know!

My Perfect Bedroom

My blog’s taken a turn towards the serious recently. So, as a break, and because I am looking at houses tomorrow (exciting grown-up stuff right here!) I thought I would post some snazzy looking bedrooms. 


To be perfectly honest, I’m not a girly girl, so pink is definitely not in. While something like this is really cool, it would probably give me a headache every night. 


A red room, again, would be cool. A bit too 50 Shades and scary for my liking though. 


This is more what I’d had in mind. I’d love a nice view. Something calming to get you to sleep. A bit awkward if you wake up with a shark looking at you though. 


To be honest, this last one is a lot more me. It has lots of space for my books. And it looks super cute and cosy.

Well now I know what I’m looking for, everyone wish me luck finding it when I start house hunting tomorrow! 

What would your perfect bedroom be like? Comment and let me know!