Just Wait with the Hate.

Why are humans so spiteful? Okay, so not everyone is 100% guilty of this, but the large majority of our species are.

Life would be so much easier if people could learn to be nice. 

After the death of Amanda Todd recently there has been a surge in anti-bullying websites, Facebook pages and forums. I personally have always been an advocate for anti-bullying, especially anti-cyber bullying. There is nothing more cowardly than sending someone abuse over the internet.

One of my all time favourite quotes related to this subject is a little pearl from Scottish author and theologian John Watson;

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I believe it’s something we should all keep at the forefront of our minds. People are strong yes, but that strength is lost when they are isolated.

In a world where people are losing their sense of community in favour of their sense of self, we need to re-evaluate where we are in terms of morality. We have people thinking it’s perfectly fine, and that it’s human nature to be mean, and that’s just not the case.

So, stand up, speak out. Be nice, be kind, be the best you can be to every person you meet. Imagine that every person you meet is the next Amanda Todd, Raz Atias, or Matthew Montagna.



    • melissaallen93

      Thank you for showing me that article! I do believe Facebook needs to tighten up their moderation of hateful comments, but it is good to see people out there doing the right thing. Unfortunately freedom of speech does come into internet usage, and then it’s a case of should we be fired for having an opinion and posting it ? But that’s another issue for another time… We definitely need to be more considerate of our behaviour towards others.

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