Anti-Doping? Or Just Dopey?

Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his Tour de France titles and banned from cycling for life on the count of doping.

Is this harsh punishment? Or is it justified?

The 41-year-old Texan cyclist is most famous for winning Tour de France seven years in a row, after surviving cancer at the age of 25.

Armstrong was diagnosed in February 1996 with stage three testicular cancer that spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain. He underwent chemotherapy until late 1996 when he was declared cancer-free. At this stage in his life he had already won two Tour de France stages.

He went on to become a legend in the world of sports, winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles from 1999 onwards.

However, in August this year the USADA removed Armstrong’s titles from 1998 onwards. A lifetime ban was also issued, so Armstrong is no longer allowed to compete in any sport or event under the World Anti-Doping Code. This also led to Armstrong losing all sponsors.

My question to you – Do you agree with the actions of the USADA?

He won the first title 13 years ago, should it be taken away from him now? He is an American hero, he’s an inspiration to so many, he achieved masses after the threat of death. Now because of one slip up, that’s all taken away from him, all of that doesn’t matter?


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