The “Virtual Friend”

With the rise of social networking and the magic of the internet, it seems more and more people have “virtual friends”. 

Last year the Telegraph wrote about how people now have twice as many virtual friends as real friends. That’s a pretty shocking statistic if you ask me, and if I’m honest, I don’t think it’s relevant to everyone. 

Truth is, I have a virtual friend, a guy I’ve been talking to online since I was 13/14 (Hold off on the warning bells for a second). He was 15 at the time, we met on Myspace (yes, THAT long ago) on a Linkin Park fan page. 

We Skyped for the first time today, after emailing and instant messaging back and forth for over five years. It was a pretty monumental moment in my life to be perfectly honest. 

But, when I tell my “real life” friends this, they all look at me like I’ve lost my head.

“You can’t talk to him, he’s a stranger, off the internet”

If I had a pound for every time I got that reaction, I’d be a very rich lady. Not that people aren’t right to worry, but in a society where it’s perfectly acceptable to go to a bar or nightclub and talk to strangers, is the internet really that scary? 

So, sorry Telegraph, but I don’t agree with your statement. I think people are still in the mindset that everyone on the internet is a paedophile in disguise, so they’re not out making virtual friends. 

Then again, I could be wrong. Do you have a virtual friend? If so, tell me about it, I want to know your stories! 


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