Freedom of the Internet Speak

One of the things that gets to me the most in this world is a lack of freedom. 

The internet for me has always been a place you could express your opinions, and not get in trouble for it. I started blogging at the age of 13, in the LiveJournal days. Back then, blogging was literally the same as keeping an online journal.

Now, we have to watch what we say, and we could even get arrested or sued for it. Newsbeat posted about how the UK is “too heavy-handed” with online trolls, and Lord McAlpine is suing several Twitter users for falsely naming him a sex offender.  

I’m no advocate for trolls online (I mean, I wrote a whole post about being nice to each other) but, should people be arrested for things they say on their Twitter accounts or blogs? Shouldn’t we have some degree of freedom to say what we would like? Whether it’s mean or not?

And what other freedom will be taken away from us after our internet use? Our right to say what we want in day to day conversation?


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