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My Perfect Bedroom

My blog’s taken a turn towards the serious recently. So, as a break, and because I am looking at houses tomorrow (exciting grown-up stuff right here!) I thought I would post some snazzy looking bedrooms. 


To be perfectly honest, I’m not a girly girl, so pink is definitely not in. While something like this is really cool, it would probably give me a headache every night. 


A red room, again, would be cool. A bit too 50 Shades and scary for my liking though. 


This is more what I’d had in mind. I’d love a nice view. Something calming to get you to sleep. A bit awkward if you wake up with a shark looking at you though. 


To be honest, this last one is a lot more me. It has lots of space for my books. And it looks super cute and cosy.

Well now I know what I’m looking for, everyone wish me luck finding it when I start house hunting tomorrow! 

What would your perfect bedroom be like? Comment and let me know!