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My Bucket List 2013

Inspired by the blog Bucket List Publications, I have compiled my own bucket list for 2013.

There is no skydiving or bungee jumping on this list, I’m not a major adrenaline junkie, but it is tailored to me. Some things I have done before, a lot I haven’t. Some will seem completely irrelevant to my readers, but all are relevant for me. 

The list:

1. Learn to play guitar.

2. Climb a tree.

3. Learn a martial art. 

4. Pass my first year at university.

5. Get a piece of writing published. 

6. Write a novel.

7. Go camping. 

8. Go on holiday. 

9. Move into my first house.

10. See a band live.

11. Get more piercings.

12. Be in a play or musical.

13. Be an extra in a film.

14. Volunteer somewhere. 

15. Go to a beach.

16. Do yoga and meditation. 

17. Go to the zoo. 

18. Read 30 books (at least).

19. Have an amazing night out, once a month. 

20. Have an amazing 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend.