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Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding

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Okay, so this is book 1 out of 30. Not bad for a week into the year.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is the perfect book to start the year. Following 30-something year old, London residing, Bridget Jones on her way through the year. The book starts by detailing her New Year’s Resolutions, including “form a functional relationship with a responsible adult”, and “go to gym three times a week, not merely to buy a sandwich”.  It then follows Bridget’s journey month-by-month throughout the year.

Available on Amazon

Most of you will have seen the film staring Rene Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. This was one of my favourite “chick-flicks” of all time, so I was very excited about the book. The book (not surprisingly) is better than the film, and has a much deeper sense of wit and humour about it, which the film on touches upon.

Altogether, I found this book to be funny, yet without trying too hard. It was a very easy read, and I would recommend to any fans of the film, or any girl in their very late-teens to mid-thirties. It isn’t a piece of literary genius, and it won’t be seen as a classic the same way Jane Eyre is, but it is a very clever social commentary, and a nice piece of throw-away girly writing.


New year, new… Glee?

Sorry fellow bloggers, I’ve been away on winter break so neglecting my blog. 

Spending the holidays with my family has been lovely, still one more week before I head back to the grind of university. 

I do have a post in the works all about my goals for this year, but it’s still not ready yet, these things take time you know. So, I thought I’d do a little review for you all. 

Glee – Season 4 episode 1 – The New Rachel

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I watched this show properly. Near the end it kinda fell apart, it got really boring and cringey.

Just as a summary – Last season ended with the New Directions winning nationals, Rachel and Finn calling off their wedding with Rachel leaving for NYC and Finn joining the army. Kurt was meant to go to New York with Rachel, but didn’t get into NYADA so has to attend community college. Santana went to college on a cheer scholarship, Britney repeated the year at McKinley and is still there along with Tina, Artie, Blaine, and Sam. Puck, Mercedes and Mike Chang also left for various colleges and life dreams. I wondered where they would take the show after everyone left at the end of last season. 

However, this season has started on a high for me. Kate Hudson’s performance as a bitter dance teacher at NYADA is amazing. Whoopie Goldberg also reprises her role from last season. The New York storyline with Rachel is really interesting as well, not that I don’t enjoy the Glee club, but like I said, boring. There is also a new guy in Rachel’s life that everyone should watch out for, Rachel claims she still loves Finn, but they haven’t spoken in months and this guy is Hot!

The episode is split. Half follows Rachel in New York, the other half follows McKinley High’s Glee club back in Lima. The Glee club spend the whole episode arguing over who will be the next “Rachel” and there are new members to look forward to, including the sweet as honey Marley. 

In total, I have watched this episode three times today. I’ve loved it, and hope it will push Glee back on the right track after the downhill spiral it’s been on recently.